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Breakthrough in organisational ways of working: How to engage operational sites facing different future outlooks, to improve organisational health and build performance? 

Tata Steel is one of the largest steel producers in Europe, operating multiple sites across the UK, Netherlands and other countries. Each site brings very different organisational demands, while the global supply across the steel industry is uncertain.

In such a complex and sometimes hostile context, how do you build a groundswell of action to deliver corporate strategic priorities while addressing local site needs and objectives? In a widely dispersed organisation, how do you create alignment through a programme of engagement in a short space of time?

We developed and designed a ‘workshop in a box’ solution that:

  • Equipped leaders across the business to facilitate workshops across multiple sites
  • Enabled more than 150 workshops, involving almost 2,000 employees
  • Identified a vital few mindset shifts to be made at local and corporate level
  • Generated specific behavioural changes required for each of the mindset shifts

We challenged 100%Cotton to develop a solution to transform existing ways of working and to create a workshop scenario where mindsets were quickly and easily identified in a fun and engaging way. The team at 100%Cotton not only rose to the challenge but exceeded it! Their energy and drive to bring the solution to life was enthusing and inspiring. They purposefully widened the scope of the brief, challenged current thinking and provided a solution which more readily addressed the business context and future strategy.
— Craig Hartley-Kite, Head of Organisational Development, Tata Steel